Sony Bravia HDTV With In-Built PS2 for £200 – The Perfect Christmas Present

By SpiderGuest

5 December 2010

We recently blogged about a company called ‘Antix’ who are planning on releasing a HD-TV with a built-in cloud gaming platform allowing users to play games on their IPTV, mobile phone, Mac and PC.

First Antix and their plans for a multi-platform cloud gaming system, now Sony and their new Bravia TV with a Playstation-2 in-built. Now having a PS2 attached to a TV isn’t really ground breaking gaming news but it shows that a relationship of TV and Gaming can work – it’s just where you put the games console which is the issue.

Where is the console?

Well, it’s sat at the bottom of the TV which isn’t really the first place I would put a games console on a TV.

Specs – The TV supports 720p, IPTV enabled so you can view web content, 4HDMI ports, SCART, PC input, component, twin optical outputs, three USB ports and two Ethernet connections. Obviously having this many ports is a strong advantage as it allows you to plug all your tech into your TV without having to use HDMI split is good with the run up to Christmas so you can have all of your gadgets plugged into it at all times.

The TV comes in form of a rather small 22” screen which is probably best as you wouldn’t really want to carry around a 40+ inch Bravia HDTV – it just wouldn’t work well. Sony do have to do a few tweaks with the positioning of the games console and the thickness of the TV.

Price – with a tag of around £200, for a kid this is an absolute bargain in the run-up to Christmas.

Why would you want to buy a television which has a PS3? The answer is very simple – because unless you have a 60GB PS3 which is backwards compatible, this makes perfect sense. What do I do for games? If you have any old PS2 games sat in the corner of a room, get the duster out and get ready for some old school Grand Turismo action! As well as Sony having over 50 titles in development for 3D gaming for their PS3, they are also planning on re-releasing classic PS2 games making them all HD.


  • Nice little compact TV perfect for kids
  • Lots of input and output ports
  • If you have a PS3 which isn’t backwards compatible, you can now play PS2 games
  • A very reasonable price tag at around £200
  • Re-release of classic PS2 games which will be HD


  • Little bit on the bulky side
  • Poor picture quality


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