Sony Ericsson PSP with Smart Phone compatibility to be released?

By SpiderGuest

28 October 2010

Okay, I know what you are thinking – a Sony PSP has just had a head on collision with a Sony Ericsson smart phone with Android – Serious?

Well the best way to start this blog post is really but turning time back to 2008/ 2009 when phones were chunky and really slow. Now around that time Nokia were most definitely one of the market leading manufactures and one mobile which stood out the most from Nokia at that time was the N-Gage.

The N-Gage revolutionised the way which users were to communicated with their mobile phones and the change the principle purpose of using a mobile phone as a phone. Not only did it allow users to buy extra games in the form of an SD card, Nokia were the only real manufacture at the time to provide RealPlayer with all of their mobiles allowing users to play movies on their mobile phones without having to fuss around with formats etc oh and a 3.5″ standard headphone jack.

Comparing it to newer phones on the market, the only thing it lacked was a market place (obviously there are more areas which the phone needs to be improved but they are quite minor upgrades) but the principles of the phone for the time were pretty amazing.

Now my point in turning the clocks back a little is just to say that manufactures are not uncommon in trying to incorporate a good gaming experience with a typical gaming keyboard and a phone facility – what more could people want to keep themselves amused?

Back to the Sony Ericsson Playstation PSP Phone

Details have been leaked onto the Internet showing images of the new PS Phone which looks exactly like a PSP Go but with the added function of being used as a mobile phone. It’s possible that the PS Phone could run on Android 3.0 aka ‘Gingerbread’, as well as sporting a 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 1GB ROM and a screen measuring between 3.7 and 4.1 inches.

On top of that, there’s the mention of a Sony Marketplace where users will be able to buy and download games and possibly apps onto the PS Phone which will more than likely be Sony’s answer to Apple’s App Store for the iPhone. But there’s no mention as to whether you’ll be able to download PSP games to the phone.

No doubt the PS Phone will have a touch screen as with most smartphones these days. Especially if it will be running Android 3.0. It’s highly doubtful that it will be released this year, assuming that it is in fact real, so 2011 is looking to be more likely.

Personally I think Sony Ericsson could have something up their sleeves – all we need to do is look at Windows Mobile 7. Microsoft have developed a platform designed for virtually everything, Gaming, Usability, XBOX Live, Microsoft Office and more. Sony on the other hand have all of their Bravia TV’s, PS3, Blu-Ray players and more – I’m sure Sony Ericsson could think of a few things to get their smart phone to integrate with.

So what do you think of the news? Is the revelation of gaming phones going to be coming back? Users want more and more from their smart phones, is this a step in the right direction for Sony Ericsson? The other thing is, could this be real or could it just be a fake?

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