Sony Ericsson To Change The Future Of Multi-Touch Smart Phones

By SpiderGroup

17 Jan 2011

Sony Ericsson to change the future of mobile phones? – Supposedly so

From the conventional multi-touch device such as the X10, Sony Ericsson have gone to the drawing boards and decided to put a 32-point multi-touch device in their new flagship handset for 2011 – the Sony Ericsson Arc.


The handset is supposedly fitted with a ‘Cypress True Touch-Digitizer’ which supports up to 32-points of contact – none of this two finger stuff.

What does this mean for me?

Accuracy – the more ‘digits’ which are on the screen, the more precise the handset will start to be for inputting data, newer gestures, and better for usability for those grazy gamers.

Could we see this in the iPhone5 and new smart phones? – who know, stay tuned!

-Via TechRadar

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