Sony PS3 To Get ITV Player and 4oD

By SpiderGroup

12 Dec 2010

First the iPlayer and now the announcement of new demand services ITV Player and 4oD is headlined for Sony’s PS3.

According to the Guardian, they state that the new services will be coming to the PS3 this week (w.c. 13/12/2010).""

Alan Duncan, Marketing Director of Playstation in the UK, told the guardian he expected this update to increase traffic by 10% for both of the new services. He said: “It is about changing people’s attitudes to the PS3 as a platform to view it as a much broader entertainment device.”

It seems as if Sony are wanting to look beyond the conventional console designed solely for games and to make their flagship games console a complete entertainment utility compatible with IPTV, Blu-Ray’s and Online gaming.

The new update will certainly give the PS3 an edge upon competition – Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect.

Sony wants people to look beyond just gaming when it comes to the world of consoles, into areas such as video on demand, and indeed the PS3′s Blu-ray capability which it holds over the Xbox.

In terms of what could be held for the future? A new PSP which is compatible with the on-demand services on Sony’s Cloud?

Stay Tuned.

-Source TechWatch

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