Sony Takes Legal Action Against PS3 Hackers

By SpiderGroup

12 Jan 2011

Sony has decided to take legal action against the hackers who recently hacked the security of their Playstation 3 consoles.

Sony have gathered names of well over a hundred people who were involved in the hacking group ‘fail0verflow’, as well as iPhone jailbreak hacker – George Hotz who supposedly had input on the consoles jailbreak.

Sony claims that the hackers have violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.


‘Hotz told the BBC he was disappointed with Sony’s stance’. “I am a firm believer in digital rights,” he said. “I have spoken with legal counsel and I feel comfortable that Sony’s action against me doesn’t have any basis.”

As much as Sony is trying to conquer piracy of their platform, news has already risen that the first pirated game has now been installed on a PS3 Hard Drive – this comes in form of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

-Via TechWatch

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