Study | A Fast Broadband Connection Could Increase Your House's Value

By SpiderGroup

14 Mar 2011

Research conducted by a broadband comparison website ‘ISPreview’ has said that a good broadband connection can add value to UK house prices.

According to ISPreview, more than two-thirds of the UK – 68.8 percent of those questioned said that they would refrain from buy a ‘beautiful new house’ if it lacked a proper internet connection.

49.5 percent of those questioned said that they would be prepared to pay more for living at a house if it has a faster broadband connectivity than the house that they currently lived in.

73.9 percent of the respondents went as far as saying that the internet was a ‘critically important’ aspect of their house, whilst 24.2 percent said that it would be of ‘average’ importance.

Think these statistics show how dependent we are on the internet? – it just gets better

37.2 percent of people would be happy to pay more for a holiday accommodation if it offered an in-room broadband connection.

The ISPreview said: “Clearly a strong appetite for faster connectivity exists within the UK and homes that are able to offer this kind of access, especially through the new generation of superfast ISP products, could stand to gain in value,”

Rightmove who cover an estimated 90% of property sales in the UK will soon list broadband speeds against houses for sale.

-Via IT Portal

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