Support in the Cloud

By SpiderGroup

18 Apr 2012

Although Cloud Computing allows you to outsource much of your IT, I would like to stress the importance of support. Yes Cloud Computing is simple and safe, however, like any technology, sometimes things go wrong and in such cases having support is crucial.

Beware: Not all Cloud applications allow you to pick up the phone and report a problem.

Office 365, for example, gives you access to e-mail, calendars and document collaboration; an excellent tool. However, their support isn’t very… supportive. In fact, it states on their help page that: “There is no support by telephone on technical issues for Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and small businesses.” Instead you can check articles and forum posts, which can be extremely frustrating.

We don’t claim that Cloud Computing is perfect – or that any technology is. We do however believe that your IT should always be looked after. Some companies will add support as an additional service at an extra cost and some will charge you when you need it, which again can be costly.

We include support in our packages for the following reasons:

  • If something goes wrong, our clients can simply pick up the phone and report it, which means that the problem gets worked on immediately. For us, it means that if they can speak to us direct they will be less likely to report the problem on Twitter or to colleagues!
  • Call out charges can be costly to the client and make invoicing more difficult to track
  • We get great feedback. When people speak about SpiderGroup, they speak about our support; how clients always know who they’re speaking to and how friendly our support team are. This is obviously great for our clients and for us.

We don’t want support to be optional, for us it is compulsory and a major part of our offering.

Would you rather pay ever so slightly more per month and have constant support or would you rather pay the bare minimum and pay extra for support when you need it?

For more information, call us on 0117 933 0570 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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