How to target your niche market through PPC

By SpiderGroup

Digital General
6 March 2017

PPC or pay-per-click is a form of digital marketing where you can advertise on Google and ensure you appear at the top of the search engine results. You pay every time someone clicks your ad meaning it is essential you target those you want on the site and filter out those who you do not.

Online advertising through PPC also gives you the opportunity to reach people through multiple devices. When done correctly, the cost of PPC is minimal in comparison to the return in profit from driving customers to your site.

You want to make sure your campaigns are targeting your niche by setting up these campaigns correctly. There are a number of ways in which you can target your customer base.


KeywordsYou can use certain keywords, which trigger your ad to show in the search results.  There are varieties of match types including broad matches where your ads will show with misspellings, synonyms and other related searches and variations. You could use broad match modifiers where closer variations will show in any order but not synonyms. Additionally, there are phrase matches that are shown when the phrase and close variations will show and finally there are exact matches where the ad will be shown only when that exact term is searched.

You can also add negative keywords where you can stop your ad from showing when certain terms are searched. For example, if you wanted your PPC to drive sales of your product then you filter out those trying to find a job by adding ‘career’ or ‘job’ as a negative keyword.

By carrying out extensive research into your keywords, you can really target your niche by tailoring your campaign to what they will be searching.

Location Targeting

location targeting pay per click, in Bristol
With location settings, you can target geographical areas where you would like your ad to show. The setting allows you to target countries, regions, cities and certain distances from your location. You can even use postcodes and radius targeting for specific spots you’d like to be prominent in.

By using the locations settings, it allows you to focus on finding the right customers. For example, if you are a small restaurant in a town then it may be an idea to set the location to a certain distance from your business as this will be where your ideal customers are coming from.

Device Targeting

You can target one or multiple devices depending on what you think will be most relevant to your audience. For example, if your market is business people who are likely to be on the move a lot, then you would ensure the ad shows on a mobile device such a phone or tablet.

Ad schedule

You choose exactly when your ads show. If your target market is only online in the evening, you can add bid adjustments to ensure your exact market will see your ad at the exact time you want them to.

PPC can be time-consuming but the benefits are huge. If you would like help with your pay-per-click, in Bristol then contact SpiderGroup today on 01179330570 or fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.

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