Tech Talks Bristol: The Verdict

By SpiderGroup

5 Dec 2011


Despite the 30th November protests, over 60 people turned out to Tech Talks last Wednesday – thank you!

I won’t deny we were nervous – as we get with all of our events, but of course there was no need. The room had a great atmosphere almost instantly; networkers were… well, networking, enjoying the mince pies and a warm coffee, and rather sensibly avoiding the red wine.

The speakers started just five minutes late and throughout their 20 minute talks people were engaged. If the speakers were nervous, they certainly hid it well.

Once the talks were over, the speakers were invited back up as a panel for people’s questions – of which there were many.

The event finished with more networking, which is when people did at last indulge in the wine! Most people stayed around and continued making connections, in fact some were reluctant to leave! Citypoint managers were due to leave at 6pm and were still working at 7pm when the last of us left the building. Legends.

Our verdict:

“We loved it and can’t wait for Tech Talks 2!”

Your verdict:

“I feel bristol needs more meets like these. I’m a meetup groupie and will certainly strive to attend more of these types of sessions. All three talks were delivered well with riveting content. The next session has a lot to live up to and as homage to the speakers from the last session I could certainly hear more of what they have to say. ” @mysqlboy

“Loved techtalksbristol, good speakers, great networking and excellent mince pies!” @BabyCalendars

“Great to see such a strong combination of really interesting speakers and genuinely interested delegates”

“This was both a good networking opportunity and a good way to keep up to date on the development and use of some key technologies. A very productive use of my time! Thank you.” @MrPeterQuintana

Our next event will be in February and we have a top speaker lined up! To be revealed shortly…

For more information, call us on 0117 933 0570 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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