The cloud & remote working benefits my kids

By Bryan Parsons

Tech General
22 February 2017

My 3-year-old son has been pretty poorly this week! This has meant he’s not been able to attend the childminder as planned and therefore I’ve not been able to go to work. Where possible, I’d call on family to help but in some cases, that’s not always doable. This is where remote working with the cloud has helped.

working on laptop
Remote working

Using hosted desktop and remote working, I can be flexible with when and where I work so I’ve had a pretty productive week working from home, kept up with all the work I had planned and been able to speak to customers as normal.

I can communicate with my team from anywhere, help them out with issues and migrations both during normal office hours and in the evenings, meaning minimal disruption to my work schedule.

Everything I need to work effectively is available from anywhere using the cloud.



microsoft infographicWork life balance

Mircrosoft’s latest Infographic on flexible working discusses the benefits to both employers and employees. More and more businesses are moving away from the 9 to 5 schedule and embracing mobile technology to enhance productivity. Many employees have their best ideas at home rather than in the office, with mobile solutions granting better access to people and information plus saving time! Worth a read if you have a couple of minutes.

The cloud has had a really positive impact on my work life balance and I’m grateful I can spend time with my kids and look after them when I need to whilst still be a valuable member of the SpiderGroup team.

Microsoft exam time!

I also had an exam this week arranged with Microsoft, fortunately, it was a proctored exam so I could do it from any quiet room on my own computer. This saved me from having to cancel the exam and losing the exam fee. The cloud can save us money in lots of ways! I passed by the way….

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