The Cloud Cumulus - A dynamic edge with BBVA

By SpiderGroup

26 Jan 2012

Amazing cost savings are not the only reason why businesses are looking up to the Cloud.

More and more companies are using the service to promote innovation and cultural changes across their business, leading them to become more efficient, dynamic and attract more business.

With collaboration applications like email, calendars, document portals, chat, VCs and many more being accessed on more devices such as tablets, phones and laptops – the need for centralised storage and data integrity is in more demand than ever.

An example of companies exploiting this trend is the big news that BBVA (Spain’s banking giant) is switching 110,000 staff to use Google’s Cloud communication software. The aim of the project was to get the whole company working together, with the need to make “faster and more accurate decisions… and eliminate duplication,” said Ms Herranz, BBVA’s director of innovation.

The deal between Google and BBVA is a historic one as it shows the Cloud can satisfy even the bank’s security regulations and data protection officials.

“To move to the future, you have to leave the past in a box,” said Ms Herranz.

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