Cloud Computing Officially Takes To The Skies

By SpiderGroup

24 August 2011

Cloud computing has paved the way for businesses to be more flexible, lower their costs and increase security; and it’s for these reasons that an increasing amount of airlines have opted to use the Cloud.

No-frills airline, easyJet recognised the opportunity posed by Cloud Computing quite early on and decided to adopt it as a way to minimise costs, but they have found that it has transformed  the airport experience in a way that wasn’t even imaginable. They have now been using Azure to create it’s own Cloud-based application environment, “Halo”, for flight planning, roster scheduling and engineering management for years and haven’t looked back.

The new technology also saves substantial cost in investing in expensive IT infrastructure and software, as it requires less number of servers, less hardware maintenance, less software licences, and less environmental resources.

On Monday, Gulf Air announced their movement to the Cloud, choosing to adopt it to boost its business performance and customer services. Acting Director of IT Dr Jassim Haji said “Cloud computing is the new evolution in the IT world towards delivering faster and more efficient services than ever before. Cloud computing allows us to move with greater agility and respond faster to our customers,”

He also adds, “Looking ahead, cloud computing promises new ways to collaborate everywhere through mobile devices, which is increasingly playing a major role in aviation business,” he said. “With this new technology, we are well positioned to serve our ‘fly-by-wire’ passengers.”

It’s fairly clear that businesses in the skies are benefiting from Cloud Computing, but what of those on the ground: Has it made your business more flexible or secure?

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