The Facebook 'Love' Which Can Go Horribly Wrong

By SpiderGuest

14 November 2010

Well it seems that there seems to be a little Facebook worm which has worked its way back into Facebook so for all of you Facebook ‘Love’ or ‘<3’  users out there – be warned!

The new attack asks users to add a ‘Love/ <3’ button to their Facebook account which is in principle the same principle as a ‘Like’ button.

The users then re-directed to a page which is hosted on an external server (an external web page which isn’t held where Facebook is) which will then reveal a fake screen shot of Facebook shows a ‘Love’ button in action, fully working and then displays instructions on how to obtain this cool feature.

Once the user has selected this, the user is then advised to select ‘Run’ on the pop-up box that appears – this is the same principle as if you were installing a new application. Not only does it stop there the worm, the developer actually asks users if they want to ‘Like’ their page which will then make the Trojan spread amongst your friends – 24hours later, a ‘Love’ button appears on their profile.

When the ‘Love’ button supposedly downloads onto your computer, it downloads two additional components to the user’s computer which is designed to steal Facebook information such as user names, passwords and other credentials stored within Internet Explorer, FireFox and other third party web browsers.

-For more information go to the original article source here at Blogs DNA

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