The Power of Simplicity

By SpiderGuest

Tech Talks
16 November 2015

Nick Elston

Nick Elston, Sales Director at Signable, explains how keeping it simple can be the key to successful sales.

Sometimes, just sometimes – simplicity rocks!

To be honest, as a ‘non techie’ – this is definitely the case for me!

Myself and Olly have spent the last week at WebSummit in Dublin – a fantastic, energetic, creative environment showcasing the emerging and the leading talent in the technology world.

The excellent speakers each covered an area of technology which could have been presented in a way that may have been difficult for me to comprehend.

However, it was explained in such a way that I got a superb lesson from each talk I attended and came away from the week in a much stronger, more educated position.

So on reflection, explaining technology in a simple way – is really where it’s at for me.

Simplicity sells

I spend most of my working week educating prospects on electronic signatures, reassuring them of their concerns in adopting technology and simplifying our unique offering to it’s core value and benefits.

When put quite simply, all that Signable does is replace just one process in a business or organisation – the outdated, costly and lengthy process of sending paper documents for signature or completion and take that process online – legally and securely.

That’s it! ‘Simples!’ as the Meerkats would say!

Streamline your business for big results

This one small change has a MASSIVE positive impact on a business or organisation allowing you to:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Increase positive customer engagement
  • Greater legality
  • Greater security
  • Huge upshift in productivity

In any world, when given the chance to replace a process that you use already and replacing it with one which is lower in price, less time consuming and more engaging – really should be a simple decision to make.

Selling simplicity

Just as I have taken time to adapt to the technology world – I completely understand that there are a few challenges to modernisation – mainly revolving around mindset, knowledge and trust.

And that’s where I come in – along with our Founder, Olly – we both speak at various events, around the UK – introducing people to Signable and the world of electronic signatures in general – and we are always delighted to interact with people and answer any questions that they may have.

Your next chance to catch Signable live will be at Tech Talks 14 on November 25th when Olly will be talking about Signable’s journey from local start-up to the UK’s largest electronic signature provider.

If you can’t catch us live at one of our events, please reach out to us on Twitter:

Nick Elston or Olly Culverhouse.

Or connect with us on LinkedIn – we are always happy to hear from you.

For more information, call us on 0117 933 0570 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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