The Power of The Blogger & What They Can Do For Your Brand

By SpiderGroup

11 Jun 2013

(Guest post from Mel Kirk)


In a world where consumers are bombarded by advertising, how can you cut through the noise to deliver your brand message in a meaningful manner?

Word of mouth recommendations have always existed, be that down the pub or picking the kids up from school (hopefully not after the pub!). The difference in today’s market is that social media has enabled these recommendations to be shared with the masses, going to hundreds if not thousands rather than a few.

Then of course, there’s the new breed of influencer – the blogger. With established communities, bloggers command authority and trust from their readers having spent years working on creating interesting content for them. They know their audience better than anyone else and can talk about your brand in a way that they know their readers will relate to.

A positive opinion about a brand or product by a blogger can be transferred to their audience, resulting in referral traffic and sales. In a recent survey conducted by XXX, 7 out of 10 questioned said that they would make a purchase having read a review by a blogger.

So if it’s so simple, how come so many people are yet to realize their value or worse still do a really bad job of it? Effective blogger engagement doesn’t have to be complicated, but you do have to care and understand the basics.

Many bloggers still write as a hobby, simply doing it for the social status and the love of their readers rather than for cash. Therefore rather than buying a post (which will have to be declared as part of the post and therefore dilute it’s credibility) the challenge for brands is to create interesting campaigns that bloggers find interesting and relevant and WANT to write about.

During Mel Kirk’s ‘Tech Talk’ in Bristol on 19th June, she’ll be sharing further tips and advice on creating stand out campaigns as well as showcasing some of the good, the bad and the ugly. If you want to kick-start your marketing campaigns this summer, you can book yourself a free ticket here.

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