Top Most Wanted Christmas Gadgets for 2010

By SpiderGroup

21 Nov 2010

It is that time of the year again where people throw money at useless Christmas presents like socks, ties and woolly tops but for the lifestyle we all live in the 21st century of consuming copious amounts of electricity and wanting all of the latest tech, the question is – ‘what is the top most wanted gadget for 2010 Christmas’?


Well thanks to the lovely people over at, they conducted a survey on 3,000 UK customers what their “most desirable Christmas gadgets for 2010” was and the results were somewhat predictable to say the least.

Starting in fifth place- the Sony Playstation Move (11% votes). Now for those who don’t know exactly what the Sony Playstation Move is, it’s a twist on the Nintendo Wii and it will keep most families going over the Christmas period as what the Nintendo Wii did last year. With the same setup as the Nintendo Wii with two controllers, the Playstation Move has a pretty nice coloured ball at the end of each controller and is slightly more accurate than the Wii. Downside is that it’s quite limited at the moment with games.

In fourth place possibly an essential in life today – TomTom’s Satellite Navigation. I think by now pretty much everyone would have a grasp of what a Sat-Nav does and what its purpose in life is – but with Traffic updates, IQ routes, Advanced Line IQ and so much more, for a sat-nav in fourth place, it definitely shows the hold TomTom have on the market.

In third place and quite new to the market place – the Amazon Kindle. Released in late August 2010, the Kindle came to the market as a device used for displaying e-books on an electronic device or e-reader.

In second place and rather more predictable – Apple’s iPhone 4which took 27% of the votes which is surprising as it got completely blown away by its larger more fatter brother minus the phone function, the iPad at 37%. It’s safe to say it will be a profitable christmas quarter 4 for Apple – again.

1.  Apple iPad

2.  Apple iPhone 4

3.  Amazon Kindle

4.  TomTom Satellite Navigation

5.  Sony Playstation Move

Duncan Jennings, co-founder of, commented: “Dominating the top spots in our poll, Apple’s products offer a multitude of functions without skimping on style. However, proving that style isn’t everything, the Xbox Kinect’s cutting-edge technology seems to be a step too far for many consumers. Whatever gadget you’re dreaming of this Christmas, has a huge range of codes and offers to help you save on everything from tech to toys.”

So what do you make of it? Are any of these on your Christmas list? Do you have a different list for your preferred gadgets? With prices for most of these gadgets such as the iPhone 4 starting around £499, it would definitely be a Christmas to remember. Just think how many pairs of funky christmas Rudolf socks you could buy – possibly around 6 thousand!

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