How can PPC and SEO work together?

By SpiderGroup

7 June 2016

It may seem tempting to either pick PPC or SEO when marketing your business online however, like most things in life, PPC and SEO go better together.

Combining your campaigns and bouncing your SEO off of your PPC generally means you get better results from both campaigns. Working together, they can maximise your web presence, and deliver all the leads you need, but how? There are countless ways, so we’ve outlined a few.

Be the tortoise and the hare

Good SEO can see you reaping the rewards for years to come.

PPC is well known for delivering immediate effects but, as we know, slow and steady often wins the race. Luckily you don’t have to choose between the two, and can be both animals! Using your PPC hare to get ahead of your competitors and drive traffic to your site allows you to take the time to let your SEO tortoise creep towards the finish line.

Once your PPC hare has got good enough results, you could choose to let it take a nap while your SEO tortoise takes first place and drives that all-important organic traffic, or you could continue running it to maximise presence in the SERPs.

More effective keywords

Using SEO and PPC helps you create stronger campaigns that provide better results for longer. Being able to access data from AdWords can help you refine your target SEO keywords. Likewise, using Google Search Console to discover keywords with high impression but low ranking positions shows you areas where your ads can be targeted.

Mixing PPC and SEO can help you create strong campaigns that deliver good results for longer, and provides dual data that can help you increase your ROI for both.

PPC can help you quickly leap ahead.
PPC can help you quickly leap ahead.

Better first impressions

PPC’s quick results allows you to analyse data and improve your campaign. Data from your campaigns, such as copy performance and ad click through rate can then be adapted to be used to help organic click through rate. Your best performing ad works for a reason, so using modified versions in your meta descriptions can only help drive organic traffic to your website.

Higher quality score = lower Cost Per Click

Having a properly SEO’d landing page and using it in your PPC campaigns can do wonders for your quality score. Well written copy, that contains your chosen keywords and relevant terminology will mean your quality score increases, which can help reduce click costs and increase the number of leads your PPC generates.

These are just some of the ways using a combination of PPC and SEO can benefit a business. To find out more about using PPC and SEO for your Bristol business, why not get in touch with us? You can call us on 0117 933 0570 or fill in our contact form.

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