Toshiba Confirms 'Autosteroscopic' 3D TVs At CES2011

By SpiderGroup

28 Dec 2010

‘Autosteroscopic 3D technology’ is going to be the headline for Toshiba at CES 2011 which is great news for people who haven’t bought a 3D TV but bad news for people who have.

What this means is that its 3D technology but minus the glasses – and its about time.

CEATEC had previously shown off a few 3D Autosteroscopic televisions before but only 20-inch and a 12-inch model. Toshiba on the other hand are planning on doing ""this new breakthrough on a larger scale.

Rumor is around Toshiba focusing on larger 3D glass-less technology to revolutionize our media experience at home and at cinemas.

Toshiba’s Digital Media Network, Massaki Oosumi said: “It has been three months, I think we should show [the TVs] with better technology,” said Masaaki Oosumi.

“Next year is the key year to extend development of the technology and extend the screen size,”

Obviously 3D TV is already being broadcasted by BSKYB with headlines such as Avatar but i’m most certainly looking forward to is going to be 3D gaming.

-Via T3

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