TouchScreen Phone Gloves Allows You To Use Your iPhone, Android and Phone 7 Outside In The Cold

By SpiderGroup

23 Nov 2010

With the iPad and iPhone 4 being one of the top wanted Christmas presents for 2010 and the weather being as cold as it currently is – I’m sure it will put most of us off using our iPhone’s outside with a normal pair of wooly gloves as you just won’t be able to get a response from that capacitive touch screen.

Now if in the case you want to use your iPhone outside with a pair of gloves on, you need not worry as all you will need is a pair of TouchScreen Gloves.

The gloves are available in two different sizes but better is yet to come – they are priced at £12.99!

The Gloves look like a traditional pair of dark grey gloves so you wouldn’t stand out from the crowd and look like a complete nerd. The company who sell the TouchScreen Gloves, Firebox, assures us that the gloves won’t scratch, damage or cause any harm to your screen and that the gloves will work with most touchscreen devices.

The TouchScreen Gloves allow users to use their iPhone, Android Phone or an iPad outside in the cold with our beloved capacitive touch screen devices – hopefully answering all of our Christmas needs.


-Source FireBox & Zath

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