UK Businesses Neglecting Laptop Security

By SpiderGroup

23 Nov 2010

Well it seems as if UK businesses are again failing to make as well as take adequate precautions with laptops. These precautions can be anything from laptops not having sufficient security in place such as laptops not having passwords and information being left unencrypted.


Check Point is an IT security firm based within the UK and they conducted a survey within businesses. Reported by CBR Systems, indicated that more than half of staff don’t use any form of device or data encryption to protect their laptop and the confidential data on it.

Nick Lowe, the head of sales for Western Europe at Check Point told CBR: “All the data security surveys conducted by Check Point in the UK in the last three years have consistently revealed similar results. The use of encryption on corporate laptops has not grown, with less than 50% having data encryption deployed.”

The survey which was conducted revealed that nearly 70% of companies which have a virtual private network (VPN) setup running on their laptops, potentially can open up corporate networks if the laptop doesn’t have the appropriate and sufficient precautions in place.

If a business has a data breach, the Information Commissioner Office (ICO) now has powers to fine the business extremely heavily. The ICO seemed to have got everything into place straight away and on the 24th November 2010, Sheffield based employment Services Company A4e was fined in total £60,000 for having a laptop stolen which contained the unencrypted details over 20,000 individuals.

The study also revealed that nearly 70% of firms had a virtual private network running on their portables, potentially opening up corporate networks if the laptops don’t have the appropriate security precautions.

Data breaches are now matters over which the ICO can fine heavily, and indeed the Commissioner laid down the first two penalties this morning. Sheffield based employment services company A4e was fined £60,000 for having a laptop stolen which contained the unencrypted details of over 20,000 people.

Not only A4e were the first company to get in the firing line from the ICO for their lack of precautions with laptops, Hertfordshire’s County Council received a £100,000 penalty for sending two faxes to the incorrect fax machine. The fax wasn’t just a piece of paper with a bit of small information in, the incorrect fax resulted in members of the public receiving sensitive details of a – child abuse case.

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– Source Tech Watch & Check Point Security

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