Update: Orange and T-Mobile Release iPad Tariffs

By SpiderGroup

30 Nov 2010

We blogged earlier last week about Apple’s iPad being offered on a subsidized monthly subscription with Orange and T-Mobile.

The blog post ended on the note that we were waiting for prices to be released and well – they have.

Orange and T-Mobile are hoping that people who want an iPad but cannot pay the initial high upfront cost so having the mobile phone companies offer it on a slashed upfront cost of £199; they hope it will lure in new business and increase their mobile broadband sales.""

Example – a 16GB Wi-Fi and 3G enabled iPad will go on sale to existing customers for £199 – if they sign up to a £25 per month two-year contract. This works out to an astonishing £799 over the course of the contract for which the user will get a whopping 1GB of data for anytime use and another 1GB for ‘quiet time’ allowance. You will also get the normal extras as you would expect with a mobile broadband contract which is use to BT Openzone – subject to a 3GB fair use policy.

Now, for new customers for both Orange and T-Mobile will have to sign up to a slightly higher £27 per month deal totting up to £847 over two years – I think it’s probably time to say that if you didn’t realize this already but the iPad 3GB + Wi-Fi costs £529.00 out-right.

Orange customers will also get unlimited BT Openzone Wi-Fi, but this is subject to a 3GB fair use policy so is not strictly unlimited.

New Orange and T-Mobile customers will be required to sign up to a slightly more expensive £27 per month deal totaling £847 over two years. Orange customers will also be given the option to throw a bit more money at the initial cost of the iPad to increase it to a 32GB for £249 or the 64GB version for £349.

T-Mobile on the other hand will only offer the 16GB iPad. T-Mobile will also give users the option to purchase the device on a pay-and-go basis for £529 plus a tariff option of:

  • 500MB for £2 a day
  • 1GB for £7 for a week
  • 2GB per week at a price of £15 for the month

If you want to register your interest with either Orange or T-Mobile for the iPad, you will notified from them accordingly.


Three (3) on the other hand don’t offer a subsidized price for the iPad yet but they offer very data hungry users a pretty good deal – £7.50 for 1GB and 10GB for £15 per month.

O2’s data plans are 200MB for £2 per day, 1GB per month at £10 and 2GB per month at £15 – the benefit of O2 is that you get unlimited Wi-Fi to both BT Openzone and The Cloud.

Vodafone like Three offer data plans on a pay monthly option – £2 for 200MB, £10 for 1G and 2GB for £15.

O2’s data plans start at £2 per day for 200MB, rising to £10 per month for 1GB and £15 per month for 2GB, all including unlimited Wi-Fi.

So with this subsidized price around for the iPad, if there is a pre-Christmas release, does this make you want to buy one?

Source – V3, Computer Active

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