Update | Virgin Media's TiVo To Employ iPad App

By SpiderGroup

1 Dec 2010

It hasn’t been long since we heard news of Virgin Media allowing TiVo onboard and now there is supposidly further excitment with an iPad App to accompany the service.

According to sources the iPad App for TiVo has already been a big hit in America (wonder why). It gives users the ability to use their iPad as a remote, get full access to digital EPG (Eletronic Programming Guide) and will offer users the ability to record whilst away from home.

In terms of pricing for the app, it is likely to be free as i’m sure Virgin Media customers will have to pay a initial outlay charge for the TiVo DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and it should hopefully be avaliable around early 2011 when the TiVo service is fully rolled out.

-Via T3

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