Using social ads to connect with your target market

By SpiderGroup

24 July 2016

With social media continuing to expand and evolve, companies have to keep up and find new ways to tastock-photo-75783801-like-share-followke advantage of using it to sell their products and services. The amount of data being consumed on mobile devices continues to increase against that of traditional desktop computers. With this in mind, the appeal to serve up content to potential customers on the go is ever increasing to businesses.

Advanced Targeting

The goal of any advertiser is to get what they are trying to sell in front of the right people at the right time. Social ads have the ability to remove a lot of the work and uncertainty associated with such a task. Many social content platforms offer access to user data, and brands can take advantage of this by targeting potential audiences with higher degrees of specificity. Facebook is one of the social media platforms that offers such access to user data. If you own a business page, you can see what times of day the followers of your brand are most active, as a result advertising could be released at specific times for greater effect.

The “Ripple effect”

Social media is a fast paced, viral environment that can see content passed from person to person near instantaneously. Keeping those qualities in mind, if a company adapts social media for advertising purposes they could get a lot of eyes on their products and/or services quickly. If a business is lucky enough for its Social Media advertising to go viral, it could mean flooding your target audience with its content.

The nature of sharing on social media means taking part of the work out of your hands as an advertiser. If we look at Facebook as an example, a person need only to like a page or post for it to begin appearing in their friend’s timelines, as a result they are in-directly advertising a brand they trust and this is costing that brand not a single penny. Its free advertising!

Multi-media served up on the go

The majority of the big players in the social media world such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram now support a wide range of media to be hosted and shared on theirstock-photo-78062365-sociall-networking platforms. Nowadays you can expect to find what appears to be high product television advertising straight off of Instagram, which only began solely as a photo sharing site. This gives brands the freedom to really wow their audiences with content they may not usually expect to find on their phone or tablet. Audiences respond differently to different types of media, so having the ability to utilise such media for an advertising campaign could help increase your success.

Year on year the amount of content and data that is being served and consumed on mobile devices continues to increase. With social media platforms favouring the use of mobile devices, adapting your brands advertising to use such spaces could mean reaching a higher number of potential customers, in shorter periods of time, with greater specificity. With new generations of consumers being brought up with these technologies as the norm, it is vital that your brand has a presence, to reach its maximum advertising potential.

If you are considering adapting the use of social advertising in your campaigns, and would like to hit the ground running, please get in touch on 0117 933 0570 to discuss how we can help.

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