VEVO arrives in the UK

By SpiderGroup

26 Apr 2011

American music site VEVO has been made available in the UK today and looks set to be a big hit. In March, more than 52 million Americans visited to watch videos for an average of 80 minutes each; I wonder if it’ll have the same impact here in the UK?""

One of it’s benefits is that the music is entirely official – therefore you no longer have to plough through user-added video’s like in YouTube. However, I like the user-added video’s. I probably wouldn’t download them onto my ipod but it is nice to have the option of an amateur/home video version in addition to the ‘official’.

The site ( itself is very clean, easy to use and user-friendly, plus you can download 75 songs to your playlist for free. But as far as I know, I don’t think there is a limit on YouTube?

I predict that VEVO will be popular in the UK but will not defeat YouTube; typically, us Brits appreciate the personal home made style video’s too. We like humour, authenticity and individualism.  For now, I’m not quite sold. Perhaps you think I should be?

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