Virgin Media begins 100Mbps broadband rollout before 2011

By SpiderGroup

1 Nov 2010

""You have have seen earlier last week we tweated about Virgin Media rumours about ultra-super-duper-fast broadband running at 100Mbps and we were quite hesitant due to the fact that there was no real evidence to support this.

Get ready for it, get out the credit card and begin to start throwing money at your PC as it has been confirmed.

Virgin Media have started their marketing campaign about super fast broadband and with a pretty cheesy advert thanks to ‘Speedy Gonzales’ – the trailer somewhat relates broadband to a mouse.

Virgin Media are going to start this roll out before 2011 but only in specific areas –  London, the South East and Yorkshire, who could receive the service as early as December. The complete roll-out is expected to take until mid 2012 to finish – but the real point is what an amazing Christmas present to have!

By 2012, Virgin Media wants to have the new super fast broadband service available to customers across its entire cabled network. This would mean that it would reach a whopping 13-million homes.

Not only is this good news to gamers, heavy users of the Internet and cloud computing users, it means that customers living outside of large cities where BT could only provide access packages (far too expensive) – Virgin Media will be able to provide them with a service.

A PR spokesperson said “Virgin Media has also conducted successful trials of innovative new methods of deploying high speed networks over telegraph or electricity poles and will be exploring potential opportunities to connect new towns and villages to its next generation network.”

What does 100Mbps mean for me?

According to, ‘at nearly twenty times the average broadband speed in the UK’, Virgin claims ‘you could download an entire album in five seconds, a TV show in half a minute and a high definition movie in seven minutes.’

A bit for the gamers

Obviously 100Mbps gets you excited and I can safely say as a gamer myself, it gets me going a bit – but better news is to come. How about a 10Mbps upload speed? – Yes Please! Could this be the end of lag and glitches on online gaming?

Virgin claims “the service will truly come into its own when more than one person in a household is using the service at the same time.”


Pricing ranges from £35 a month when purchased with a bundle of TV channels and land line phone, or £45 a month on its own. You’ll also get a free “SuperHub” modem and router, capable of pushing speeds of up to 400Mb, making you ready for any future speed increases from Virgin.

Want to find out more?

if you want to check that you are eligible for this – use the Virgin Media link here to see if you can get the service and to register your interest.


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