Virgin Media Code Update Cripples Cable Boxes

By SpiderGroup

8 Dec 2010

Virgin Media have now applied a code update which ruins cable boxes across the country which is receiving cable TV illegally.

Cable boxes such as Eurovox, Nokia Dbox, Starview and many more are now going to be receiving an error message “Please wait…code been updated” and absolutely no access to channels and it seems as if it’s going to be this way for the near future unfortunately for some viewers.

According to Ian Waller who is an industry analyst: “The change is causing false keys to be recorded on a ROM7 update, usually only 1 or 2 characters are wrong, thi""s has been happening on ROM10 and ROM11 updates for the last year. A genuine card can handle the change, an emulator cannot.”

Around a year ago, Virgin Media did the same type of roll out and it took almost a week for the firmware on the chipped boxes to keep pace but now Virgin Media have got it all working and are winning the cable piracy war.

You may be thinking that hackers will find a way around this with providing new updates online and then allowing users to update the firmware, Virgin Media are still going to be one step ahead of the game.

Virgin Media is going to be regenerating new codes on a daily basis making a little bit irritating for people who still want to pursue illegal cable viewing.

Cable Piracy – 0, Virgin Media – 1.

-Source TechWatch

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