Virgin Media Show Off Something A Little Special - TiVo

By SpiderGroup

29 Nov 2010

When coming to change your services for broadband, tv and telephone the choices and be way too complex and for most people the scare of change can always be around. With big players TalkTalk, Virgin Media, BT and Sky all in battle to provide top quality service, Virgin media are trying their best to tell the UK just how good they are with some new products and a new campaign from Virgin called ‘Stop the broadband con!’.

Stop the Broadband Con is where Virgin Media slammed other ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) about UK homes not receiving the speeds they subscribed to. ""

That was Virgin’s first jab at competitors BT, Sky, TalkTalk and more, their new plan and salt on the wound of their competitors is ‘TiVo’ just to give them that cutting edge technology for their service.

Virgin Media today released the first official screen shots of TiVo’s service showing potential customers how slick their new service is.

The images (displayed below) display a familiar interface to what Virgin Media currently have encorporated with their decoder boxes.

What is TiVo?

Well for those who don’t know exactly what TiVo is, you can just think of it as a Sky+ HD box but with Virgin’s name on. The new product is compatible with HD, 3D, will have a 1TB hard drive capacity which is able to hold around 500hours of content.

Whens it to be released?

According to sources, there is a 2010 release to be planned but no current dates have been confirmed yet – but seriously, there’s only a few more weeks for Virgin Media to do something.

What to make of TiVo?

Overall, I really like TiVo and what this blog is starting to prove is that 2010 have scratched the surface with a new technology era but 2011 is when we are really going to embrace it. What will 2011 hold? – Possibly 3D TV’s without the funky glasses? Will Freeview bring out its own version of TiVo?  – Keep tuned for more news.



-Via Eletric Pig

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