7 ways charities should be using social media

By Chloe Wheeler

10 May 2016

Raising awareness and funds is vital for every charity, large or small. Like businesses, charities need to be visible and engaging with the public to effectively and systematically hit fundraising targets and raise awareness of campaigns. Tapping into social media can help you extend reach and surpass targets.

We all remember #icebucketchallenge and #nomakeupselfie and how they turned viral attracting donations throughout the world, so how can your charity achieve that level of success?

1. #useahashtag

Possibly the most overused, misunderstood yet valuable tool in the box, a # can create a pool of fans, donators, viewers, watchers, participators, and more importantly, leads if used correctly. Creating a hashtag that is catchy and simple to remember can help increase online engagement with your charity.

2. Jump on the bandwagon

Hashtags aren’t only about creating your own. Charities can also reach new audiences and increase awareness by using pre-existing hashtags. Using popular hashtags like #throwbackthursday or #wednesdaywisdom can help you interact with people on a weekly basis in a prominent and popular way.

3. Engage with everyone

Marathon running or skydiving are big challenges for everyday people and require a lot of preparation. While these are great ways to raise plenty of cash, an easy, almost effortless activity or challenge will encourage all of your audience to get involved.

4. Create an online piggy bank

A easy donation process connected to your social media will help raise funds. In a busy world, no one has the time to complete lengthy forms to donate money, so simplify the process as much as possible. Try using donation platforms that integrate with your social media accounts or set up a text donation service.

5. Engage with video

A picture tells a thousand words…so a video tells…well let’s say a lot more! Social media is often limited in how many characters you can use, so posting videos offers an interactive way to tell more of your story. Video can turn a one second scroll to a longer interaction, helping you convert a virtual passer-by into a potential donator.

6. Have a conversation

Spread the word about your cause by creating a conversation online. Challenge your audience’s knowledge of who you are, offer surprising facts, run competitions, start discussions, and interact with those talking about what you do. Encourage the conversation to get people talking, and you’ll notice an increase in your brand presence and organic growth of your audience.

7. Be ready to adapt

Once you’ve created a conversation and generated traction, analyse results. Really understanding what people say on social media is key to a successful campaign. How do they talk about your charity? How do they interact? How do you measure this and progress it further? More importantly, how do you respond? These are all essential considerations when interacting through social media, and can help you change and adapt your campaign and brand to make it stronger.

Social media, if used correctly, can be a really fast way to build brand awareness, raise funding, create campaigns and build loyalty with your followers. The most important part of social media is to understand how to keep engaging through fun, easy to interact, messaging which supports the charities values. Ensure to track and analyse your audience and statistics and build on these daily.

Need more ideas about how to use social media? Contact one of our SpiderDigital team and ask their advice on 0117 9330578.

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