What Is A Thin Client And How Can It Benefit My Company

By SpiderGroup

30 May 2011

A thin client is a stripped-down computing device with a much lower processing power than a traditional PC. They are a lot lighter than normal PC’s as there is no hard drive or heavy components in the case – this is why they are described  as ‘thin’.

Thin clients were designed to work with a ‘host server’ computer –  Cloud Computing.

At SpiderGroup, we use thin clients to enable our clients to connect through to their fully virtualized desktop.""

What is a virtual server?

A lot of people can get confused as to what a virtual server is –  we’ve all been there… A virtual server is where all of your documents, version of windows, applications are all stored on the Cloud. The Cloud is basically a marketing word for the Internet – it alows you to access your desktop, documents and everything which has been virtualized, anywhere – you could be sat in your office in Bristol working on a document in the morning and finalising in Germany later that day without having to have travelled with your laptop.

How do I set it up?

Exactly the same way you would setup your current PC, plug your keyboard, mouse and monitor up to it, plug it into an internet connection and you’re ready.

Benefits of a Thin Client?

It can cost a lot less to acquire and is hassle free; usually maintained by your IT department. As these ‘thin clients’ are hooked up to a virtual server off-site, it means that all of your documents, software and important business information is held off-site too. This makes losing data virtually impossible providing peace of mind for you and your staff or colleagues.

How do I use it?

Simply plug all of your peripherals into it and hook it up to the internet. You should receive your username and password from your IT Department or supplier and you should immediately find yourself in your Windows environment. Easy.

How long does it take to setup a virtualized server?

Not very long, it can take between 2-3 days for some businesses to fully configure, customize and install the appropriate software onto the virtual server. Set-up of the thin clients literally takes about 5/10-minutes per machine.

What happens if I have a power cut?

With normal PC’s, if you were to be working on a document and you have a power surge, you stand a big chance of your document being lost. If the same thing were to happen whilst using Cloud Computing, because everything is virtualised, absolutely none of your work is lost.

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