What is keyword research all about?

By SpiderGroup

28 Jan 2016

"KeywordWe’ve all heard the phrase ‘keyword research’ chucked around, but have you done any? What does it even mean?

In the Digital Marketing universe, we’re talking about the keywords you want your website to be in the Google search results for. We all want to be in position 1 in the search engine results so people can find our site, engage and then follow through to a sale.

To reach the infamous position 1, we need to do some keyword research.

Find out what people search to get your products

You never genuinely know what people are searching for to find your products unless you carry out thorough research into the keywords you should be targeting. Keyword research will make clear how people Google your products or services so you can be sure you’re targeting or ranking for all the relevant phrases.

Learn more about your target market

By understanding what people are actually searching for, you can find out more about your target market and demographic. If there’s huge search volume for a particular phrase, you know your market actively use that phrasing. You can include it in your website copy to create targeted text that you know they can relate to and find both useful and relevant.

Make sure you’re not missing any blinders

Selling red shiny shoes? Are you targeting all the combinations of the phrasing? Shiny red shoes? Red shoes that are shiny? Keyword research will highlight any phrases that you’re missing out on that you shouldn’t be, including variations and synonyms. From this, you can tighten up your digital marketing campaigns and catch all the possible relevant traffic.

"LongReach people at the end of the buying cycle

Finding appropriate long-tail keywords is like hitting the jackpot. These are keywords that target customers towards the end of their buying cycle so they’re ready and waiting to make a purchase. By targeting these keywords, you’re more likely to get a click and a lead.

So what is it all about?

It’s about learning how to target your audience, and how to do it effectively. And it’s about making sure the right traffic is reaching your website, whether that be through SEO or PPC.

Sound a bit daunting? We’re experienced at researching keywords at SpiderGroup, as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Bristol. So get in touch if you’d like someone to take care of this for you! You can call us on 0117 933 0570, email us here, or sign up to our newsletter for the best tips and IT gossip.


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