January 15, 2017

What is SMO and should it be in my marketing plan?

By SpiderGroup

SMO stands for Social Media Optimisation, like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) it is now one of the key methods of growing your business and getting your business noticed online.

With so many social media channels, apps and software it can become overwhelming to organise SMO into a marketing plan. Measuring the success of SMO is key, as with all marketing efforts, to really know if it is something you are doing effectively and should carry on doing.

SMO vs SEO"Different

To make maximum impact online, all businesses need to have a great website. SEO makes this possible through optimising your site and it’s content to appear in Google search engine results. SEO is strategic and there are clear guidelines and analytics which can evaluate how well you are doing.

SMO is slightly more baffling. There are multiple applications like Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite, Edgar, Instagram, Pinterest…..well the list goes on. We are all guilty of linking all these together, splashing our blogs, pictures and promotions throughout all channels and hoping someone somewhere reads them and buys from them straight away.

This is where we can sometimes go wrong. Being strategic about social media can be the best way to build advocacy and trust for your brand, which is where we find the elusive end of the rainbow….user generated content, trust and familiarity.

What is more effective?

A blog written about losing weight and feeling great for the New Year?


A written testimonial, a before and after picture of a client who has followed the diet, lost four stone and now feels epic?!

I know what I would choose to read and see. The great thing about social media optimisation is your clients, your friends and your ready-made advocates who will retweet your blog, share your pictures and promotions on YouTube and to top it off add a little comment to say how great your business is…all for free and without being asked to. This is why SMO should make its way into your marketing plan, especially if you have a product or service which consumers can easily write about and review.

"Hummingbird"Google algorithms

Google Hummingbird is another reason you need SMO in your business life. Google’s mysterious algorithm now analyses social shares of search terms relating to your business. More shares increases brand awareness, increases trust, increases advocacy and therefore Google likes you. Your rankings will thank you for it so get social and get your content and business shared!

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