What is "WET"?

By SpiderGroup

5 Oct 2010

Always been confused when transfering data from an old PC to a new one?""

Want to know how “WET” can help you?

Put in very simple terms, ‘WET’ is an abreviation for ‘Windows Easy Transfer’ and this very useful application can save time for a lot of people transfering from Windows XP to Windows 7 but is often overlooked – until now.

WET comes pre-installed on most newer releases of Microsofts Operating Systems (OS) and designed specifically for helping users transfering saved information, data, images and settings stored currently running on Windows XP or a more recent PC running Windows 7.

WET will even transfer your wallpaper.

Often a lot of people use third party applications like Norton Ghost to backup a PC to another but often for applications like this, users have to pay quite a bit of money for the privilidge of this. I know myself that I have always found an alternative way around this until recently having to re-build a PC and upgrading the Operating System (OS) together.

With everything having to be organised when transfering information from one PC to another and trying not to miss the important information, Norton’s Ghost will create its own custom image probably to complicate things a little more.

The main benefit WET has over Norton Ghost and competitors is that it is FREE and it comes pre-installed with your PC. As it is currently installed in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, it makes it pretty easy for any user to migrate from one Operating System to another.

Here is a useful link if you want more information on getting started with Windows Easy Transfer – read more

WET is quite a flexible application as it gives users the option to transfer information either onto a hard drive, through a network or alternatively through an ‘easy transfer cable’ which is more formally known as a USB-A to USB-A cable.

Note : Not all programs and settings are going to transfer to your new OS but this definitely makes it easier to transfer compatible program settings, your files, folders and important documents.

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