What should you expect from your IT support company?

By SpiderGroup

23 Jan 2011

Over the years the IT industry has gotten a bad rap because some companies and “IT Professionals” have promised far more than they are able to deliver. I now meet people that seem to have the impression that IT is a nightmare, doesn’t work properly and costs a lot of money (not our clients I’d like to add). I spend quite a  bit of time explaining to them how it should be and that there are companies out there that just make sure it works, all the time and that the costs are scalable and dependable.

Here are a few things I think you should expect from your IT support company:

  • The ability to understand your business requirements and translate them into IT provision
    • Looking to help solve immediate problems
    • Ability to identify new technologies that will enhance your business
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff
    • Your staff should not feel intimidated calling for help and should feel that someone cares about your problem
    • Wherever possible it is important to educate your staff allowing them to become more self sufficient
  • Transparency around cost and contract
    • There is nothing worse than getting an unexpected bill
    • A three month rolling contract should be the longest contract length unless hardware is involved

These things aren’t a nice to have, they are essential for any business to ensure they concentrate on their core offering and not IT.

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