What To Expect From CES 2011

By SpiderGroup

3 Jan 2011

Windows 8

Microsoft have an awful lot hinging on CES 2011 as consumers and tech reviewers are expecting the first ever taste of Windows tablets, and the possibility of Windows 8 being unveiled.""

Microsoft’s tablets are supposed to be more business oriented with full QWERTY keypads. However, we know that Apple’s iPad currently dominates the tablet market but the ability to have a tablet which can easily integrate with IT infrastructure hasn’t yet been released – this is where Microsoft have the upper hand.

We’ve already blogged that Windows 8 is going to have its own app store but, nether the less, Microsoft state that this new operating system is going to be both energy efficient and have an improved usability.


With Android expected to have a phenomenal increase in sales for 2011, Android will be eagerly awaited at CES. Sources state that 48-million tablets with Android are expected to be shipped in 2011 giving Google a 25% growth.

Android comes in form of both smart phone and tablet, with Samsung and Google’s Nexus S managing to sell a staggering 10-million units by the 3rd January, this shows how well Android can sell as competition to the iPhone – great news for both manufacture giants but bad news for Apple.

Sources say that the possibility of viewing the newer pre-release showoff of Android 3.0 Honeycomb on tablets could also be a possibility.

Tech trends expect and anticipate a huge push for cloud storage, media streaming and tones more apps for our phones and tablets making managing data, document editing and more even easier.


CES 2010 was dominated with 3D technology and again, CES 2011 will be dominated too with 3D. Sources anticipate a range of 3D glasses from different designers including Gucci could also be unveiled at CES.

What recent news have hit the tech headlines is ‘Autostereoscopic’ display. This is where users don’t have to wear the rather irritating glasses to view 3D content and manufactures Toshiba, Sharp and Sony are all expected to unveil products with this.

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