June 21, 2019

What's new in Tech - June 2019

By Bryan Parsons

It won't come as a surprise that we love tech - it's what we do, after all. These are the things we've been loving recently...

Three words to map the entire planet

I love this one, the entire planet has been broken down into 3-meter square areas and there are enough words in the English language to give every single one of them three unique words.

This means you can navigate to anywhere on the planet with just three words, that's pretty clever if you ask me (no one has).

Why not give it a go and find out what three words have been randomly assigned to find your home or business? Start by finding SpiderGroup using either.think.that

Microsoft's latest e-book

Could be worth a read, especially if, like many of SpiderGroup's customers, you work in the manufacturing sector.

Microsoft is releasing The Future Computed: AI and Manufacturing. This new book provides an in-depth look at how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the manufacturing sector by optimizing digital operations and driving efficiencies, enabling new products and services, and allowing for safer work environments.

Coming soon to SharePoint Online near you!

Microsoft announced a few new features for SharePoint Online at their recent SharePoint Conference. 

New Home Sites

A new type of site which adds to the already available Team, Communication and Hub sites. Home sites bring a landing page for employees, designed to surface all the sites, documents and information which is important to them and which they have recently interacted with.

Update your root site

A frustration for many users, you can now change your root site to a site of your choice. Enabling companies with sites which pre-date the modern themes to swap their site out with a shiny new one! You need PowerShell to get this job done so maybe one for your IT support.

Migrate from SharePoint 2010

It's now a little easier to migrate your old SharePoint 2010 site to SharePoint Online as Microsoft's free SharePoint migration tool now supports SharePoint 2010, previously it only supported 2013. It's still in preview but making the transition from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint online should now be a little easier for many businesses.

New to Windows 10 in the latest update

A few new features come to Windows 10 in the latest update, you can read more here and I've highlighted the key ones below...

  1. Dark mode - all the rage at the moment, soon to make its way to iPhones and iPads in iOS13 too but Microsoft have beaten Apple to it.
  2. Clipboard in the cloud - you can now copy and paste between devices, as long as they are all signed in with the same Microsoft account and you don't mind Microsoft seeing everything you copy!
  3. Emoji keyboard - the feature everyone has been asking for? Maybe not, but it's here anyway

Puncture proof tyres

Is this the future of tyres? Are punctures a thing of the past? Is it better for the planet?

The Michelin Tweel (we're not making that name up!) is here. We're not sure it's better for the planet or your wallet but it might save you from that rare puncture. Perhaps more useful in some specialised areas.

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