What's the Cost of Cloud Computing: An Honest Account

By SpiderGroup

17 Aug 2011



We say: Cloud Computing is the future of your business.

You say: what the hell is it and how much is it gonna cost?

Cloud Computing is slowly moving beyond the hype stage as more and more people start to grasp what it is.

(But just in case, here’s a very quick summary: Cloud Computing involves storing your data/work over the internet. This means you can access your software and your documents from any computer. This has become a revelation for business owners, who are no longer tied to one office or one computer. Staff can work from home, in meetings, even whilst travelling. Documents & calendars can be shared easily; all thanks to the Cloud.)

Its flexible; its scalable; its secure; its green. But is it expensive?

For large corporate companies a move to the Cloud isn’t going to be cheap – and it’s not very likely to save you a great deal of money, however it should match the cost of your current IT expenditure and yet the extra benefits should be enough to persuade a move.

SME’s, depending on the size of your business and its requirements, Cloud Computing comes with varying costs:

There is nearly always a set up fee simply because the Cloud requires a change in your current infrastructure. The integration of Cloud into your business takes time so most cloud providers will charge for this.

Where you are likely to save money is on software, updates, back-up, IT Support, server replacements, disaster recovery, electricity – though of course it does depend on the provider! For example while some CC companies offer free 24/7 support, others such as Amazon charge from $100 per month.

I know, it’s confusing, but here are some tips on what to ask yourself when weighing up the costs of Cloud Computing:

  • Do I wish to pay per user, per GB or per hour?
  • What are the set-up costs?
  • Does it include support?
  • Does it include back-up?
  • How much will it cost when my business expands?

At SpiderGroup we charge per user and we’re currently building a system which will allow freelancers, sole traders and small businesses to join the Cloud without a set-up fee and a monthly payment plan starting at £30 per user. We are constantly looking to tackle the cost of Cloud Computing in Bristol so that more businesses can benefit from the vast advantages of the Cloud.

So, will it save you pounds? Probably not.

Does it add value? Definitely.


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