Why Did Apple Kill The Xserve?

By SpiderGuest

7 November 2010

Remember last week when we tweeted that Apple was discontinuing the Xserve just a few days ago, and replacing it with a new Mac Pro Server?

According to an online website – MacGeneration, a very unhappy user of Apples XServe and professional apps wasn’t that happy with the decision to cut off the enterprise product and subsequently send Steve Jobs an email letting him know exactly what he thought.

Surprisingly, he received a response from the CEO, and not only was it characteristically short but it was to the point – Steve’s reply? “Hardly anyone was buying them”.

‘According to the source, Apple was selling less than 10,000 Xserves per quarter in 2007 and 2008, which accounted for roughly 0.4% of sales at the time.’

”Looking at those figures, you’d be pretty hard up to disagree with Mr. Jobs on this one – I guess some answers are just that simple!’


-Source MacGeneration via 9to5Mac
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