Why does SEO matter?

By SpiderGroup

28 Jul 2016

A lot of people are historically pretty sceptical about SEO and, I think due to previous bad practices, rightly so! There have been many companies that have approached SEO in a way that tries to “game” the search engines, rather than trying to deliver a great website that Google will crawl and love. But best practice SEO is still as important as ever when trying to rank in the search engine rankings and increase traffic to a website.

"ipad"The obvious – Search visibility

Search visibility remains the most desired outcome with SEO. If you implemented SEO and didn’t improve your search engine rankings for your specific target keywords, you’d be pretty disappointed!

As a company, product or brand, it’s important that when a potential customer searches for your product or service, you appear on at least the first page of the search engine results. People are busy and are unlikely to scroll through lots of pages on the search engine. To maximise your own potential, you need to be up front and centre to attract as much traffic as possible.

User experience

Another positive outcome of SEO is that it makes you completely analyse your site at a very basic level. Key elements to focus on are technical, navigation, user experience and off site links. Optimising a site with these in mind ensures that your site performs better than your next competitor and provides a good user experience.

Google and other search engines are pretty good at analysing sites with the end user in mind. The aim of a search engine is to return the best possible answer to the end user’s search query, so the best ranking sites will be the ones that deliver that end result.

"539272053"Focusing on your message

When we take on a new client for SEO, it’s really important that we know and understand their message. We like to spend a load of time getting to know them, understanding their business and how they work. One of the key tools we use is customer personas, which is a way of distilling down the expected users of the website into four or five types.

We try to get to the core of the product or service offering so that we can make sure it is visible through the website and is aimed at their target personas in a relevant and engaging way. This also helps us work out the correct tone of voice so we can best represent the company and the target audience, and implement SEO in a way that works for them.

SEO is massively important to make sure you are visible on the internet and, by doing it, you get some great by-products that can help with other parts of the organisation. If you would like some more information on SEO services in Bristol or the South West, please fill in our contact form or you can give us a ring on 0117 933 0570.

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