June 02, 2016

Why use Dynamics CRM?

By SpiderGroup

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, does exactly what it says on the tin. As a business, you’ll have customers and will eventually need a system to manage those customers effectively. Choosing the right CRM software will depend on your business and what you would like to achieve from a management system.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we use (and love) Dynamics CRM. We have developed our CRM to reflect the way SpiderGroup operates, allowing us to know each of our customers well and have a streamlined system which holds all the information we need.

If you have any of these departments in your business, you should consider adopting a CRM System:


A CRM system enables you to shorten your sales cycle. Gone are the piles of paper leads and business cards on your desk, all your leads and their contact details can be uploaded to CRM. Once uploaded, each individual stage of the sales process, each email, call and meeting can be added to their record.


Automation is becoming a popular term when considering the benefits of using a CRM system. If you send regular newsletters and email campaigns then you’re in luck as CRM systems have an automation system which sends emails for you. All you need to do is choose which email, which list and who to target. Your system can then record and analyse the effectiveness of your campaign.

Customer service:

Being able to record all communication with a customer is a key part of having a CRM System. If you have a large client base, and customer service is vital to your company, being able to quickly access the last communication with a client is key to developing a good working relationship. Your CRM will not only allow you to record all communication, but will also provide a rating system to analyse your customer and their needs.

What we love about Dynamics CRM:

• Central storage for all our information – accessible to everyone, anywhere.

• Integration – We have integrated our CRM with other software we use so we can send emails, invoices, proposals and marketing messages which then record responses directly to our CRM records

• Customisable – We have worked on our processes and strategies as a team and this is now directly reflected in our CRM system. It is easy to customise a work flow with Dynamics CRM for each department

• Mobile – We love the CRM App as it’s easy to use and accessible when we are out of the office which is great for client meetings and new business meetings. We can update the records straight out of the meeting

• Communication – We know exactly who spoke to a client last, what was said and what was agreed. We can also assign tasks and clients to each other quickly with all the up to date information.

If you put your customer at the heart of your business, it is vital to have a CRM system that holds all the information you need to manage your client base. Using Microsoft Dynamics is a really good way to, not just hold data, but mould the system to reflect your business processes and strategies. Work with each of your departments to see how they work with your customers and customise Dynamics to make their job easier!

If you would like to find out how to use Dynamics CRM in the most effective way, we provide Microsoft Dynamics and consultancy to maximise your efficiency.

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