Windows 10 is coming...

By SpiderGroup

19 Jul 2015

Windows 10 will be released on July 29th! Microsoft are keen for users to upgrade so they’ve made it available as a free upgrade if you’re already using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

If this applies to you, you may have already seen a pop up asking if you want to upgrade and prompting you to reserve your place in the queue. If you’ve already clicked to accept, you’ll start the download as soon as it’s available to you after the 29th July and, once it has fully downloaded to your PC, you’ll be prompted to install Windows 10. At this point, if you don’t have admin rights on your PC you’ll need to speak to your domain administrator in order to complete the upgrade.

Things to do before upgrading…

1. Have you got a backup? Sometimes things can go wrong, so you should really have a backup.

2. Is this this right time to upgrade? Maybe wait a few days until “the dust settles” and remember, your PC may be out of action for a few hours so make sure you don’t need it for a while.

3. Have you got some important software you use every day and is it business critical? If so you should definitely check it’s supported in Windows 10 before upgrading.

4. Have you got IT support? We’ve been playing with Windows 10 for a couple of months now and even this close to launch date there still seem to be quite a few bugs. You may need some help following the upgrade and some of the bugs may have to wait for a Microsoft Update.

Should you upgrade?

Yes, but not right away. We’d recommend you wait a couple of weeks to allow for any issues to be identified and patched by Microsoft and to give companies who forgot Windows 10 was coming a bit of extra time to update their drivers or software.

Not using Windows 7 or 8?

If you’re still using Windows XP or Vista it really is time to upgrade. Windows XP is no longer supported and is ancient in IT world terms and, let’s be honest, Windows Vista was never very good anyway!

But I want to have the latest and greatest right away…

We hear you, some of us at SpiderGroup have already taken the plunge as we like to test the latest stuff, after all we are geeks! If you insist on upgrading right away then we’ll be happy to support you and deal with any issues as best we can.

If you have IT support for your Bristol business with SpiderGroup and would like some guidance or help, just give us a call on 0117 9330573. Our Support Team is ready to deal with your Windows 10 queries and, if we don’t already know the answer, we’ll find it out!

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