Windows Mobile 7 now compatible with OSX

By SpiderGroup

1 Nov 2010


Well there is supposedly a first for everything – and thanks to Microsoft they have finally allowed MAC users to plug their smart phone with Windows Phone 7 on into their PC.

Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac does exactly what it says on the tin – enabling OSX users to sync their content from their Apple to their Windows Phone 7. Being called the ‘iTunes Lite’ application, supposedly most Apple users have been asking Apple for this type of software and just for Microsoft to put their foot in it a little bit more – they develop it.

What’s the purpose of it?

Simple – one thing and that is to sync media to your device.

Now it’s still currently in beta, but reviews say that it works quite well. The software looks for an iTunes library and offers users to sync whatever content they have inside that folder to their Windows Phone 7.

Playlists, specific artists, individual songs or a selection of specific songs can all be synced seamlessly.

Once you copy the media, it will just simply appear in your Zune app.

I know what you are thinking – ‘beta software, must only sync one way?’ – nope. The Windows Phone 7 connector software syncs back to iTunes too. If for example you were to listening to a bit of cheesy music from Lionel Richie, just to embarrass you that little bit more, the iTunes play count will actually increase on your mac – not only is this compatible with songs but with podcasts too.

According to Microsoft, the software will also hook into your iPhoto library allowing users to sync albums as well as iPhoto-specific “Events” and “Faces”. Once the phone is plugged into your mac, photos can be synced in reverse just like iTunes so therefore any photos you take on your Windows Phone 7 will be imported automatically to iPhoto (you can disable this function – same as the iPhone and any other smart phone).

So summing it up, for a little piece of software still currently in beta – it works pretty well from what reviews say. If you have Windows Phone 7 and want to download Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac – you can grab it here.

– Source Wired

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