Windows Phone 7 To Get Copy+Paste With First Software Update This Month?

By SpiderGroup

10 Jan 2011

I like Windows Phone 7 and who wouldn’t? I like the handset so much infact I believe it’s time for me to wave goodbye to my beloved iPhone4 and make way for the Microsoft handset. Over the past few months I have been somewhat umin’ and arin’ about getting one due to it being so new on the market and lacking certain features.


At CES last week, Microsoft confirmed that they are rolling out updates for their platform Windows Phone 7 giving customers more usability, performance and now – a global copy and paste function.

Not only giving users the ability to copy and paste, Microsoft have addressed minor bug issues, applications taking longer than normal to load, and releasing IE9 with full HTML5 browsing but still no flash.

Windows Market place is being enhanced for usability enabling users to categorise their search e.g. utilities and social networking.

The first update is set to be released during February, however rumours online state that it could released sooner than we thought.

Either way, Microsoft has assured Windows Phone 7 customers that the update will be in the coming months.

-Via Zath

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