Windows Phone 7 Updates | What You Need To Know

By SpiderGroup

23 Feb 2011

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Bullmer took centre stage the other day back at the Mobile World Congress2011 in Barcelona to show off their next update eagerly due for Windows Phone 7.

The update is due to be released ‘later this year’ according to Microsoft and bring forward multi-tasking, cloud supp""ort and more to Microsoft’s smartphone OS.

Windows Phone 7’s current multi-tasking is more along the line of fast apps easily switching so the applications aren’t actually running in the background, they save their current state in the memory so you can pull them back quickly with little lag – hence the dedicated back button.

Windows Phone 7 has adopted one multi-tasking aspect as Android and iOS have which is the ability to still run applications like Zune and in the background streaming music.

Microsoft are planning on heavily adopting the cloud era to all of their smart phone handsets with services such as SkyDrive and a newer mobile version of Internet Explorer 9.

SkyDrive allows users to take pictures, upload them to the cloud, sync documents back and forth to the phone and easily access the information via their Windows Live account – as a user myself, it’s a slick, easily to access solution that I feel works well for both consumer and business.

IE9 will bring up-to-date rendering for an optimized browsing experience for users as well as full HTML5 support.

Microsoft is set to release the global copy and paste function later next month (hopefully) and the releases of IE9 and multi-tasking later on in 2011.

As well as all of the new integrations Microsoft is going to incorporate with their flagship smart phones, they are going to heavily integrate Xbox Live. Giving users the ability to control their Xbox from their Windows Phone 7 shows exactly where the cloud can go in the near future and how flexible as a solution it can be.

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