Windows XP goes End of Life through Dell UK from 23rd September

By SpiderGuest

21 September 2010

We’ve just recently recieved news in within the past few hours from Dell UK about Windows XP becoming end of life. It’s a bit of a sad era for probably one of the most popular Operating Systems Windows have ever developed.

When Windows XP was first released in retail stores towards the end of October 2001, Microsoft managed to sell an astonishing 17m copies in just over two months, it’s been through 100’s of tweaks and upgrades, but topping that, total sales rose to in 2004 to a jaw dropping 210m copies.

Since Windows was released back on the 25th October 2001, Windows XP has gone through three service packs, three commercial versions including Home, Professional and Media Centre Edition (MCE). On the 13th July 2010 Microsoft release a statement stating that support for service pack 1, and 2 would stop forcing all their users to update to service pack 3.

Dell were one company which offered business and commercial clients the ability to downgrade their operating systems from Windows Vista and Windows 7 to Windows XP. It has however been confirmed that on the 23rd September 2010, Dell would not be offering this as a service and is recommending all Dell customers to upgrade from XP to a more preferred platform – Windows 7.

Microsoft have said that customer can “roll back” systems from Windows 7 Pro/Ultimate to XP Pro for the life time of Windows 7. (You must also factor into this that Microsoft will stop supporting XP during this time also). This means though that at any point you, as a Microsoft Customer, have rights to downgrade your OEM Windows 7 system to XP Pro.

There are two methods of doing this –

1.       using your own XP Pro media from another Dell system

2.       Purchasing one copy of Software Assurance (S.A.) will give you imaging rights.**

**S.A. can only be applied within 90 days of system purchase

Please follow the below instructions –


Currently a Dell customer and need to understand the impact of this on your business? Have you used Windows Vista and Windows 7 and just a born and bred XP user? Currently on Service Pack 1 or 2 and need help updating to  SP3?

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