Women Discovers She Has Parkinson's After Playing Wii Fit

By SpiderGuest

12 January 2011

It seems as if the Nintendo Wii and its balance board can now be used to discover if a player has Parkinson’s disease as one woman from Leeds found out.

54 year old, Julie Wilks played her Wii Fit with the balance board. She noticed that she was leaning heavily on one side using the balance board game – Wii Fit.

Along with some other symptoms, Wilks noticed her symptoms thus prompting a visit to the doctors.

Wilks told the Yorkshire Post: “When it came to stepping onto the balance game it was showing on the screen that I was leaning on my left foot more heavily than the other.”

Wilks added “It’s quite amazing that a computer game was able to point out there was a problem.”

Wilks has now set up her own website in aid to help people suffering with Parkinson’s disease.

– Via Metro & TechWatch

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