Working Remotely in Full Force

By SpiderGroup

18 Dec 2013


A Tale of Two Spiders:

This week disaster struck with one of our Spiders, Bryan. His in-laws chalet in France got flooded and they’ve all planned to be there for Christmas… Bryan flew out to fix the damage, which although a hassle for Bryan, for me it highlighted the power of technology and how it can quite literally allow you to work anywhere.

Here’s how:

Bryan and I had a scheduled meeting in the office this morning. I could see from Lync that he was abroad and that he was on-line and available. Our meeting was a training session with some software which I really ought to know better. I sent him an instant message asking if he wanted to have our meeting on-line or postpone, to which he instantly replied that he can still make it. At 10 am my Lync phone rang and the line was as clear as if he were in the office. In less than a minute he was sharing his screen with me and talking me through the application.

We spoke again throughout the day via Instant Messenger and e-mail. The fact that he was in France had absolutely no effect on how we worked together. In fact I would say that our meeting was even better than having it in the office. With face to face meetings you often drag them on slightly longer, you might make a cup of tea or get sidetracked from something else happening in the office. Our training session lasted less than 10 minutes.

A happy ending:

Working remotely means that no matter where you are, as long as you have the internet, (work) life goes on. Bryan has been able to communicate with wife Nat and baby Elliott using more wonders of technology and they’ll be joining him in the chalet this weekend in plenty of time for Christmas.

Some food for thought: Does your business have a disaster recover strategy? Can you and/or your work force work outside of the office? If you would like more information on remote working, Lync or the chalet in France send us an email.

Merry Christmas!

Kerry & Team Spider


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