Xbox 360 Owners Spend More Time Gaming Than PS3 or Wii Users

By SpiderGroup

15 Dec 2010

A Nielsen’s studie claims that Xbox 360 owners spend more of their time using their console to play games when compared with PS3 and Wii owners.

An average of 28% of Xbox 360 usage was spent online gaming compared with 19% for the PlayStation 3 and only 12% on the Nintendo Wii.

Ga""ming, TV, movies

It seems as if Xbox Live is the main reason why hard-core gamers choose the Xbox 360 over competitors – but for a monthly subscription.

Nielsen’s research stated: “Compared to the other two consoles, the bulk of time on the Wii is in the form of offline gaming…”

“The system trails in use for online play. This may reflect the lesser emphasis on online applications and gameplay for the Wii in general.”

“The PlayStation 3 stands out for its use as a DVD/Blu-Ray player as well as a gaming console,”

Traditional offline gaming

It seems as if the Nintendo Wii has the highest proportional usage for streaming services such as Netflix in the US or BBC iPlayer in the UK – this claimed 20% of all the console usage time.

The Xbox on the other hand claimed 10% of their time on such services and the PS3 only claimed 9%. Could we see an increase of this with ITV Player and 4oD being released to the PS3 this week? Sony says that they are going to see a significant increase in traffic of up to 10%.

The average PS3 user spends 27% of their time on movies and TV shows, with the average of the Xbox user spending around 11% of their time watching DVD’s – the PS3 would obviously be higher as it’s the only console out there which has an in-built Blu-ray player and upscales properly.

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