You've Been Biebered!

By SpiderGroup

18 January 2012

We work in IT… Therefore we must amuse ourselves. We amuse ourselves by insults, office banter, and Justin Bieber.

I’m not saying Justin Bieber doesn’t have talent, let’s just say that once you breach the age of 14 it becomes extremely un-cool to admit it.

And so Justin Bieber has become our most favourite office game: If you leave your computer unlocked when you leave the office, you will be Biebered. This means when you log-in on your return you may have a photo of him as your desktop or his website as your home page.

It’s fair to say that the girls in the office are slightly less technical than the boys in… ‘Technical Support’ so Chloe (tired of being Biebered) retaliated with an attack on Bryan’s computer:

Bieber war continues.

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