YouView Delayed Until 2012

By SpiderGroup

23 Jan 2011

The last we heard YouView, the subscription-free service backed by the BBC, was supposed to be ready for a 2011 launch but unfortunately it seems it will be delayed for another year – could we see this being released at CES2012?

What is YouView?"YouView

YouView, formally known as Project Canvas, is an IPTV platform which is a ‘venture’ between BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5 and ITV. The subscription free service allows viewers to access to a whole range of TV channels, radio stations, on-demand services and internet content.

Why is it delayed?

The information regarding YouView being delayed till 2012 was ‘slipped out’ by an article in the Telegraph late last week.

The senior TV executive of YouView said: “It just doesn’t work when you turn it on and keeps crashing. You would think that after at least 18 months of development and at least six million pounds worth of investment from each shareholder, the box would actually work when being shown to its owners.”

Oops. We have even heard from TechWatch that the YouView backers also haven’t managed to fully agree on technical standard with the Digital TV Group.

As we are now going to expect this service to come out 2012, late 2012. This is going to give time for TV competitors, Google, to get their service off the ground and gain a marketshare.

-Via TechWatch

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