PPC and Ads Management

Get found, fast

If it’s instant visibility and quick results you are after, PPC advertising is the digital strategy for you. Getting to the top of search results takes a long time through traditional means, so PPC is a perfect way to hit the front page fast, while your other digital marketing efforts continue in the background.


The right people at the right time

With PPC, we can harness your website’s data to set up dynamic Display advertising, create a Google shopping campaign, or introduce remarketing to increase brand awareness. Whatever your business objectives, we use specific targeting methods to make sure your ads are reaching potential customers that we know are interested in your products and services, at times when they are most likely to buy.

seo SEO Management

Build your organic traffic alongside your ads for better results

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facebook-advertising Facebook Ads

Focus on Facebook for intense targeting opportunities

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hubspot HubSpot

Integrate your ads with HubSpot for advanced ROI reporting

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Case Study

800% Increase in Monthly Conversions

Cost per lead reduced from £230 to £18 (not a typo). Plus paid social results and organic gains on top.

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Tailored PPC Strategy

Our team of PPC specialists help increase your business’ online visibility and generate valuable leads. As a Google Partner agency, we’re are experts in PPC management. That means we’re perfectly placed to curate an effective, targeted PPC strategy that aligns to your business needs.

More goes into a PPC campaign than simply writing some ads and hitting publish. Keyword research ensures that your ads will show during searches that are most likely to convert.


negative keywords stop your ads showing if the intent or search isn’t relevant. PPC can even be customised to run, or not, at different times of day or in different target areas.

Understanding the industry, market trends, and PPC best practice is all key to developing a successful PPC strategy. We help you do this and manage it all for you.


PPC from SpiderGroup

Think of us as an extension of your own business. We curate a PPC strategy to achieve your growth goals, based on what you need and what we know.

We’ll start with a discovery meeting, either at our offices in Bristol, at your offices, or using video conferencing – whatever works. Once we’ve crafted your campaigns, we’ll continuously optimise everything, analyse it, and feed back our results with monthly reporting and regular communication so we’re always on the same path to business growth. Whether PPC is a standalone avenue or part of a wider digital marketing framework, we’ll ensure that PPC is driving you results and fits within your brand image and strategy.

What goes into a successful PPC strategy?

PPC isn’t as simple as some people make it out to be, but it’s not black magic either. It’s probably somewhere in the middle, and there’s a lot that goes into creating an effective campaign that delivers ROAS (that’s Return on Ad Spend):

  • Comprehensive keyword research
  • Negative keywords identified and included
  • Wording of ads
  • Continual updates and tweaks as data develops
  • Relevance to landing page and content
  • Location-based targeting
  • Conversion path management
  • Demographic targeting
  • Remarketing
  • Site and ad extensions
  • Time of day restrictions
  • Search, display, or both?